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IGNITE Orlando began in 2015 as an opportunity by Genesis Church to provide a FREE sports and arts camp to children all over the city of Orlando. It quickly grew to the largest kids camp in our city with over 700 participants and volunteers. IGNITE has been much more than a camp. It has been a bridge to the community partnering with local coaches, team clubs, professional and college athletes, artists, and local studios, all to help create the most unique experience children and students can have when it comes to the sports and arts they love. 

In 2015 IGNITE was named the Macaroni Kids Camp Winner for the city of Orlando. It has also partnered with current and former players of the Orlando Magic, Orlando City Soccer, UCF College Athletes, professional trainers, coaches, and instructors making a solid foundation to the type of excellence IGNITE offers to families and students of all ages. 

The desire and vision of IGNITE is to provide various opportunities all throughout the year where caring is displayed to each and ever students who participates. A place where high level coaching is offered raising the level of each events experience. And also where coaches, trainers, artists and athletes of faith are able to share what they believe and how it has shaped them in their various sport or art. 



IGNITE exists to create high level environments where coaching clinics, courses, and camps provide athletes and artists opportunities to grow and learn while participating in the things they love.

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